International Yacht Management (short IYM) is a concern that is very service minded and keep itself busy with things of your motoryacht of which you haven't got the time or simple don't have the knowledge. In the end you can not be at home in anything. A supplement of this at the large superyacht in the mediterranean is very normal, but not common sense over here. However the yachts are becoming larger and you have to look after more and more things, on board as well as the purchase and the maintenance. Some people have the time and enjoy taking care of all the things that have nothing to do with the sailing itself, others don't. You know to which group you belong.

With management for your yacht we think e.g. of the following:

Are the proper documents on board, also when you are going abroad, - VAT, - title deed, - VHF certificate, are you in possession of the proper certificate to sail?

What should I have maintained and when does this have to be done and where should I get it done.

How many times do you have to change oil, - check the heater, - gas inspection - check the airco, - batteries, - fire extinguisher, - proppeller-shaft lubrication, - rudder, or whatever kind of mechanism or technique is on board of your yacht. It all needs attention from time to time. We can with a proper schedule co-ordinate this precisely for you.

And if you are having the yacht serviced, whom should you go to? Am I not paying to much? This is also a matter in which we can help and supervise that all the activities are well performed

Is my yacht properly insured? In short there are many things belonging to your yacht of which you never even think of, and as a matter-of-fact that is good because you do have your yacht for fun to enjoy yourself, it is your hobby. You already have very little spare time........ and that is exactly why we are here......take advantage of this and discuss with us all the things we can take out of your hands.