Purchase guidance

The purchase of a yacht should be a joy, but it is of course also a very serious matter and therefore you should ask yourself the question; Am I buying the right yacht and at the proper way?

Am I buying the right yacht? With that we are thinking about the following; What is your main navigation area, how many people are usually on board, with which equipment should the yacht fulfil, how much time and money do I want to spend yearly at maintenance?

We know all the possibilities and can advise you accordingly.

Am I buying the yacht at the proper way? When you are buying the yacht at a certified yacht broker then you may be assured that everything is in order such as the title deed, VAT and other necessary documents.

When you are buying the yacht at a non certified broker or privately then you should definitely let a purchase broker complete the transaction.

It is also possible that the yacht of your choice is lying abroad, we know exactly the right procedure to get the yacht here.

Don't you feel like or don't you have the time to find the right yacht, we can do that for you. With the requirements you desire we will start the search in Europe and will come to your house with the specification and photo's to talk it over.

The purchase is often about a lot of money, a consultation from one hour with us to go through every detail to make sure that you are buying the right yacht and all the necessary documents are in order , is no superfluous luxury.